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Monday, November 07, 2005

Wow, it's been a while. Ok, well it isn't like I have tried to post. This website just clearly has it in for my GPA.

Anyway, I did write a reiew for Eric Brende's Better Off. It was awesome, and then it was deleted. Basically, I wrote about how, at first I enjoyed the book. I was interrested in the experiment and wondered what the results would be. Being a Girl Scout, I know how to live with limited technology. I don't, however, think that I could live for that long of a time wthout my iPod.

After finished Better Off, I realized I didn't enjoy the book all that much. Brende was too focused on meaningless details (i.e. - when he stubbed his toe on a pumpkin).

Umm, I don't really remember what else I wrote.

It is an advantage, being able to return to this topic now, though. Ever though I didn't like Brende's book, it is nothing to the immense hatred I have towards George Dyson's Project Orion.

So, in conclusing: Better Off sucked, but not as much as a certain other book that we do not speak of.


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